"Strange Fruit" Ankara T-Shirt

"Strange Fruit" Ankara T-Shirt


  • Crew neck for ultimate comfort

  • High-quality, breathable fabric

    Our "Strange Fruit" Ankara T-Shirt is a classic look with a stylish upgrade. The crew neck style offers versatility so you can dress your tee up with a pair of slacks or rock a casual look with jeans. Oh the places you'll go in your tee.

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Written by Abel Meeropol in 1937, “Strange Fruit”  has been recorded as a song by Billie Holiday, & Nina Simone.

“Strange Fruit” (non-graphic song link attached) was blacklisted in the US for being “too controversial”, with its graphic depictions of the lynchings of African-Americans that took place at the beginning of the 20th century.

This design was created in memory of Nina Simone -- a revolutionary black woman who gave zero f**ks and did what her heart desired. Every single one of her songs tells a story. Whether you liked it or not. It was bits and pieces of her story that she shared and drew everyone into. The sadness and emotion heard as she performs "Strange Fruit" is relatable to many black bodies living and surviving in 2018 -- globally. 

As your wear this design, begin to tell the stories of those who never had the opportunity to speak their truth, the way in which Nina did. 

This is an ode to you, Nina Simone.

Medaase. Thank you. 

*We encourage you to click links for additional historical information.