PRE-ORDER Sika Dwa: A Homecoming

PRE-ORDER Sika Dwa: A Homecoming

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Considering the deep and rich history of my maternal ancestry, the Asante people, this headwrap design means a lot to me. The print showcases the Golden Stool, or Sika Dwa Kofi (in Twi).

The Golden Stool of the Asante contains the soul or sunsum of the nation. Tradition has it that this stool, covered with pure gold, floated out of the sky and landed on the lap of the first Asantehene (Asante king), Osei-tutu. He unified the people in the 17th century. His chief priest, Okomfo Anokye, declared that the soul of the nation resided in this stool.

Many wars have broken out over the ownership of the royal throne. In 1896, Asantehene Prempeh I was deported rather than risk the loss of both the war and the throne. In 1900, a British governor demanded to be allowed to sit on the Golden Stool and ordered that a search for it be conducted. This provoked an armed rebellion known as the War of the Golden Stool (also known as the Yaa Asantewaa War,) which resulted in the annexation of Ashanti to the British Empire. The Golden Stool, however, had its sanctity preserved despite the unrest.

It is significant to note that this rebellion was led by a fearless woman named Yaa Asantewaa, who led the war against the British.

This design is to celebrate the resilience of not only the Asante people, but the women that have put their lives on the front line and are oftentimes forgotten when we tell the tales of our ancestors. This design is to continue to reclaim the history that colonizers attempted to take away from us, but couldn't.

This design also serves as an ode to Ghana 🇬🇭 & pays homage to the resilience of Ghanaians and diasporans who relentlessly fought against colonialism.

Photography: Rochelle Brock

Makeup: Melody Faith