Max Sarmiento

Max B Sarmiento

Ethnicity: Ecuatoriano

Instagram- @maxsarmiento_

     I was raised in a household where emotions, feelings and tears were meant to be hidden.  I grew up with a sense of apathy to everything going on in the world, even the discrimination and racism I faced.  For many years I never paid attention to how the privileged hurt me; instead I always told myself to look away and try not to fight back.  Racism hurts.  And I've held that hurt for years, up until this year.  This year, with everything that's going on in this country, I realized that there not only needs to be more dialogue from minorities, but also more action.  I have participated in numerous protests and rallies in the attempt of getting my voice heard.  You know, with signs and banners.  But what about wearing what I have to say?  Wearing what how I feel?  Malaika Apparel does just that.
      Malaika Apparel Co. is a company that seeks to give marginalized individuals another way, another "weapon" to fight back against racism.  Which is why I proudly support Malaika Apparel Co.  The company began as a way to help Pan-african individuals, but it can and will help other marginalized groups, including Latinas/Latinos like myself.