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"Malaika", meaning Angel, in Swahili is a word that encapsulates the story of a daughter of the diaspora. 

There is power in telling a story that has been waiting to be told. The motivation behind  Malaika Apparel Co. is just that.  It’s a story of a brown skinned black girl embracing her full self, unapologetically. It is a story of the daughter  of a Ghanaian mother and Kenyan father. It is the story of a black woman living between Ghana and the United States.  This website embodies the beauty of the diaspora.


 Malaika Apparel is a form of resistance.  Black power fists and silhouettes of the African continent are symbols of pride in one's ancestry.  Malaika Apparel was created to empower.

Your participation is the start of a necessary revolution, the unapologetic showing of Black pride. It is revolutionary for Black bodies to flaunt their joy in having African roots, and this is what Malaika is-- revolution. It is a hope to reignite the flame of Pan-Africanism, the ideology that all black people are connected through the diaspora.

I am proud to present our company, Malaika Apparel. This is an ode to my parents & to all people in the diaspora.

Akwaaba, you’re welcome.